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Deb Werksman from Sourcebooks Visiting RWA Online

Deb Werksman from Sourcebooks will be visiting RWA Online the week of November 29th. This is the perfect chance to ask her any questions you have about Sourcebooks submissions, what they are looking for, and the romance industry in general. This event is open to the public not just RWA Online members.

Writing For Dummies Free on Kindle

Thank you to Kristi Holl for posting this on her blog Writer's First Aid.

There's a promo for Writing For Dummies on Amazon from November 15-19 to download it free. If you don't have a Kindle you can still download it to your computer. Go here to get your free copy.

A Warning Story For Writers

This isn't my story to tell, but wanted to post the link since I have so many friends looking for agents to represent them and very few writers who have been scammed by agents feel they can expose the story to anyone but their closest friends. Here is a writer who has gone public about a very well known agent and his editor wife. Their names are listed at the end of the series of blog posts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). Dean Wesley Smith has posted a link on his blog along with his knowledge of this agent and his wife conducting this scam.

This is a good reminder to all writers to be super careful when it comes time to hire an agent. Don't jump at the first offer without extensive consideration. Don't give control of your money and writing future over to a stranger no matter how much they flatter you or how well "respected" they might be in the industry.