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Coming Up with a Cover Concept

I've been working on cover ideas for my two upcoming books over the last two weeks. I'm still graphically challenged enough that I will probably be hiring my cover designer to do them. But I like to pick out the images myself along with the overall concept on the cover. Both have proved to be a lot more challenging than my previous covers.

Here's some of the images I've found in looking for pictures for the cover of my new young adult fantasy The Unicorn Keep. 

Searching for young women/teens, brown hair, not looking directly at the camera:

 Searching for unicorns - a lot harder than you would think:

Author Photos

We just got back from the stable after taking some pictures of Prince Charming and I to be my new author photo. We've narrowed it down to four pictures which we thought were the best. I'm having a hard time choosing from there. Plus, should I use different poses for my two pen names?

The Bubble

The Bubble is a concept I've been thinking about for several weeks and have discussed with my good friend children's illustrator Kristen Schwartz.

As a writer I belong to several writer's organizations, participate in writing groups, take classes, and belong to some critique circles. It can become in one word - overwhelming. It's not one thing, but everything as a whole. I started thinking I needed to cut back on everything I participate in and focus on writing. Strange concept, huh? :-) But what to cut out, I do benefit from pretty much all of it, but then I started to wonder, am I really benefiting. Do I read any of those newsletters or email writing groups I belong to? Not so much anymore. I've taken some good writing classes, but I'm so slammed with other stuff I never feel I get to apply what I've learned on more than a surface level.

I have other commitments outside of my "writing life" which also demand my attention. I've been strugglin…

Fantasy Powered by Love

I'm over visiting at KH's blog Fantasy Powered by Love talking about my new release The Beast's Redemption.