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Titles, Titles, Titles

I got to think a lot about titles recently. My paranormal novella that The Wild Rose Press will be releasing has gone through several titles before I'd settled on The Curse.

But they already had a book with the title Curses. Too close to my own title.

So, on the title hunt I went. I asked for a little direction from my editor who asked me some excellent questions to consider on what I want to focus on with the title. I then did some brainstorming, but felt stuck. I went to one of my RWA chapters and asked for a little help - posting a blurb on what it was about and about ten titles I had come up with so far. Funnily, someone suggested a title that I had original come up with and later dismissed, but they also came up with a lot of other good suggestions. I then took their suggestions, my list, and the questions my editor asked me and came up with a title I liked almost as much as The Curse. Unfortunately, title was already taken. :-) I re-considered wanting to keep the theme of re…

Carina Press Editor Angela James Visiting RWA Online

Carina Press editor Angela James is going to be visiting the RWA Online chapter's discussion boards this week. You don't have to be a member of RWA Online to ask her a question or read what others are asking and her answers.

Go to the Publisher Spotlights section of the boards. Angela will be there for a week through Friday, Sept. 24th.

Check out Carina Press's submission guidelines.

What's In A Name?

You might have noticed that I've added a second name to my little bio/profile on the left. Yep, I'm writing under a pen name now. This is something I've thought a lot about and actually agonized over the name choice for quite a while. It wasn't an easy decision, but a necessary one.

My first book was under my married name. I'd toyed with the idea of a pen name then, but frankly I wanted credit for the book. I had also done some pre-book stuff in the area and felt I could draw upon that audience. So, I was published in non-fiction with a book geared primarily toward teenagers and their parents.

Come to now. My first contracted title is a paranormal romance novella. This book is not intended to be Young Adult and I decided that I wanted to keep my non-fiction works separate from my romance works. Yet, I also didn't want to hide that I am the author of my romance works. I decided on a public pen name. This is fairly common for authors who write in different genres…