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Books to Movies Giveaway Hop Winner

The lucky winner of a The Moon-Spinners by Mary Stewart in DVD and paperback is........Tammy. I'll be emailing her to let her know and get her prize off to her.

Books to Movies Giveaway Hop

One of my favorite subjects are books to movies. I LOVE watching adaptations and studying the skill of turning a book into a movie. Adaptations are getting a lot of attention now with the success of the Twilight and The Hunger Games series. I could go on and on about the skill it takes to adapt a movie from a book, but I won't bore you. Instead I'll just give you a couple of my favorites:

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen ~ Pride and Prejudice (A&E version)
Emma by Jane Austen ~ Clueless
The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum ~ Tin Man
Cinderella ~ Ever After
How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell ~ How to Train Your Dragon

For the hop I decided to giveaway a copy of another one of my favorite adaptations. This is the first movie I consciously remember knowing it was based on a book and actually went out and read the book. The specifics of the plot are different, but the characters and overall arc are the same. Besides Hayley Mills is charming in the role of Nikky Ferr…