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Writing and Homeschooling

After two years off from officially homeschooling, I will be jumping back in this school year with a 1st and 7th grader. My older daughter decided two years ago that she wanted to go to school. After lots of discussion and tests we made the decision to enroll her in our local elementary school. Despite lots of negatives (judging be her complaints) she LOVED school. Last year was the jump to middle school. Neither my husband or I were comfortable with her going to the local public middle school so we made the decision to enroll her in the private catholic school. Part of the decision was based on her younger sister entering Kindergarten the same year and her wanting to go to school if sissy did. Both went to the private school as it suited the younger one better. Unfortunately, the older daughter hated the school, we waited for it to grow on her, but it never did. Because she disliked it so much we gave her the option to attend the public middle school this year.

But both her and her y…