Titles, Titles, Titles

I got to think a lot about titles recently. My paranormal novella that The Wild Rose Press will be releasing has gone through several titles before I'd settled on The Curse.

But they already had a book with the title Curses. Too close to my own title.

So, on the title hunt I went. I asked for a little direction from my editor who asked me some excellent questions to consider on what I want to focus on with the title. I then did some brainstorming, but felt stuck. I went to one of my RWA chapters and asked for a little help - posting a blurb on what it was about and about ten titles I had come up with so far. Funnily, someone suggested a title that I had original come up with and later dismissed, but they also came up with a lot of other good suggestions. I then took their suggestions, my list, and the questions my editor asked me and came up with a title I liked almost as much as The Curse. Unfortunately, title was already taken. :-) I re-considered wanting to keep the theme of redemption in the title (a suggestion by my editor).

Drum roll.....The new title is The Beast's Redemption.

How do you all come up with your titles? Sometimes I'm lucky and a title comes to me immediately. Other times I struggle to find the perfect title.


  1. Titles like headlines are hard for me. But I do think they are super important. Nothing is so disappointing as a really catchy headline or title that doesn't live up to its name. Fortunately, at newspapers there is usually someone in paste up who writes the headlines and fortunate is the paper that has a clever headline writer. The Beast's Redemption sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read the book!

  2. Titles. *pfft*

    Sometimes they're easy and other times it's a bloody battle in which I lose.

    Spurred On was my editor's idea. My original title Branded was nixed which is just as well as it has nothing to do with the book at all. The hockey one I just finished and need to submit is with a hockey hero and I called it Scoring Lacey. I hope I get to keep it. *crosses fingers*

    The Beast's Redemption is a delicious title. It's so...savage...and grr... Here's hoping the cover is just as sink your teeth into it delicious. And since it's TWRP...odds are...yes

  3. Diane - Yes, I think titles and headlines are a whole new skill set. It has to capture the essence of the writing and be grabbing.

    Jenna - Thanks for stopping by. Scoring Lacey is a cool title. I like the double meaning titles. I'm really looking forward to the cover phase.

  4. I like that title. I like your process. Jan


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