A Choice Between Two Classes

I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking about finishing up my screenwriting certificate from UCLA. I have to take 3 more courses and I'll be done. I saw that my favorite instructor is teaching this summer and had planned on taking her course.

My dilemma: it is a rom-com class and I have absolutely no idea what to write about. It isn't that I don't like rom-coms. Some of my favorite movies are rom-coms and I admire their cleverness. Being a romance writer I generally prefer movies that have some sort of romance (as long as it isn't forced in). But I have no flipping clue of an idea of what to do in this class. I know that Jacque can be very flexible in you coming in to one of her classes with just a basic idea, and outline, a part of a script, or a completely written script. But I don't even have a basic idea waiting to be told. I find comedy challenging.

So, I think, maybe I should try a new instructor and genre, something I haven't done yet, learn something new. I check out the one hour drama class. This is something I haven't done. Would like to learn how to do. The catch, you have to pick two new to newish one hour dramas to pitch ideas for and work on throughout the class. The problem,  I have no clue what is on TV. One of the things I cut out to get more writing time is TV watching. I only catch a few select shows here or there and the ones I have been watching are old shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds. You can't just pull a show out of your hat as you need to at least understand the basics of the characters and arcs to be able to know what you are talking about in pitching a show. So, I'm looking through a current TV show lists to see if there is anything that I haven't been watching that I might like to watch.

That's my dilemma. And then a little voice in my head says, hey, those Kindles look awfully cool, why don't you just get one of those and skip the whole class thing?


  1. Do you like science? If you do, try Fringe. I also enjoy Caprica. It's a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, which I also really enjoyed. My favorite TV shows right now are: Survivor (reality), Fringe, Two and a Half Men (charlie sheen - sit-com, hilarious), and Caprica. I don't watch much tv either. We only get about 15 channels so my choices are limited (on-purpose).

    And the kindle does look kewl, but I would go for the iPad before a kindle. I am just sayin.

  2. I did watch Fringe when it first started, but decided it was too graphic to have on with the girls, plus as I recall it was on during the 9 o'clock hour, bedtime ritual time. But perhaps I can check it on Netflix now. Yeah, my choices are down to just the networks and USA now with basic-basic cable. Though I did catch a marathon of Burn Notice a couple of weekends back and thought it was very clever, but I think that would be considered too old. Most the dramas I have tried (and liked) were either on a 9 or 10 which are just bad times in our house to be watching TV.

    That iPad looks like its just waiting to be dropped and broken. LOL. I think I'd worry too much about damaging it.


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