Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

I was given the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by Terrie at Write What Your Heart Desires. Thanks Terrie!

Here's how the award works:

1. Thank and link back to the person that gave the award.
2. Share 4 guilty pleasures.
3. Pass the award along to six other sweet bloggers.

Here are my guilty pleasures:
1. Eating cookies, candy, and ice cream whenever I feel like it (even for breakfast).
2. Watching Murder, She Wrote every day.
3. Cruising facebook when I should be writing.
4. Watching movies when I should be cleaning.

Six Sweet Bloggers:
1. Random Acts of Writing
2. Chatterbox Chitchat
3. The Daring Novelist
4. School STUFF
5. Yaya's Home
6. Eventing-A-Gogo!

Congratulations to all the Sweet Bloggers above. You guys rock!


  1. Thanks so much for this award. You just made my day.

    Lynnette Labelle