A Year in Review

So, it's that time of year. Filing taxes. Checking to see if you accomplished some or all of your goals. And for those of us indie writers to check our sales numbers and see how things went for the year. The only thing I can tell from my numbers is that having a new release in the same genre is the best advertising. The month after Unicorn Keep came out I had a boost in sales for Horse Charmer. I'm guessing people who bought Unicorn Keep liked it enough to go and buy Horse Charmer.

Here are the numbers (please be aware that these numbers do not include my books who are with publishers - only the ones I have released myself):

Total Sales: 406 units sold
Total Freebies: 5579 units

Top Selling Novel: Horse Charmer - 92 units
Top Selling Short Story: Jumping Thoughts - 42 units
Top Selling Nonfiction Short: Horse Schools: What Do You Want To Be? - 33 units

I can't do a top selling novella since I only have a single novella out myself. I don't have all the final numbers for my traditionally published novella, but I do believe my indie released will sell more based off the numbers I do have:  
Whitelighter - 48 units

Top Selling Store: Amazon
Least Selling Store(s): Sony and Blio
Top Selling Paperback: Horse Charmer
Interestingly most of my books sell better on Amazon except for Unicorn Keep and my nonfiction shorts which sell better at Barnes and Noble.


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