Fairy Tale Fortnight

I adore fairy tale retellings in film. There is something about the creative process the writers, producers, director, and actors go through to bring about a new version of the fairy tale. Doesn't matter if it is a completely modern retake or something in the time period of fairy tales. Children/Family or Adult. Love them all.

The funnest part of retellings for me is seeing what they kept the same and what they twisted around to fit the "new" story.

 Ever After: A Cinderella Story and Tangled are pretty close to the original stories. Taking as much as they can from the fairy tales and also taking place during the medieval times the fairy tales come from.

Enchanted and Penelope are fun modern retellings of fairy tales. Penelope is probably closest to Beauty and the Beast, but also takes from other fairy tales. Enchanted includes most of the tropes of the "princess" fairy tales and puts its own unique twist for a completely new story.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Red Riding Hood take place in the medieval times of the original fairy tales, but add their own unique twist. Hansel & Gretel are all grown up and have the fairy tale as the backdrop that spurs them into their current career choice, but it also includes the actual fairy tale as Hansel and Gretel learn the story they've been told isn't complete or the whole story. Red Riding Hood takes the Red Riding Hood fairy tale and turns it into a paranormal romance along with the wolf hunting down Valerie (Red Riding Hood) as she tries to figure out who the wolf is.


  1. I still have not seen Tangled. It's kinda ridiculous, 'cause I know I'd love it. Just haven't made the time. Definitely need to do that sometime soon.

    1. Tangled is worth the watch. One of our favorite movies and one of the best animated horses ever.


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