Movie Monday Recap

Watched again for my Halloween movie. Doesn't matter that I've read the book and already seen it 5 times, I still bawl at the ending every single time. Stephen Sommers is a cinematic genius. Dean Koontz created the wonderful Odd and Stormy. And Anton Yelchin and Addison Timlin brought Odd and Stormy to life. Do yourself a favor and rent or buy this movie (currently streaming on Netflix). This move DESERVED a theatrical release.
One word to describe this movie - INTENSE. Does not paint a pretty picture for the survivors of an apocalypse. Pretty violent for those of you who are squeamish, but a powerful movie. Goes to show that even the heroes can be villains or were villains. Trying to figure out what to say so as not to reveal too much of the conclusion.
Cute. Reminded me of a Phantom of the Opera.
Daughter was in a High School Musical mood so we had to watch all 3.


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