10 Reasons Why The Bourne Legacy is Awesome!

Beware there are going to plenty of spoilers in this post if you haven't seen The Bourne Legacy yet.

1. This guy right here! Jeremy Renner. I was one of those who was livid when I heard they were continuing the series without Matt Damon. But I quickly changed my opinion once I saw Jeremy Renner in action as Aaron Cross.

2. And this gal! Rachel Weisz. She is always awesome whenever she joins an action movie. I was immediately hooked as soon as Dr. Marta Shearing came on screen. Rachel plays smart so well (probably because she is super smart :-)). The first thing I loved about Marta was her intelligence, then we see her kindness to both the subjects of the tests and her coworkers, and then we get to see her in action.

3. The shooting at the lab! This scene was incredibly intense. And my first thought was, all those other workplace shootings, what if one of them had been a clean-up from a government? And that's what good movies do they take from the real world, show the horror of something that does happen, and give a reason for it which is even more horrifying than the real world instances.

4. This action sequence is beyond awesome and we all need to bow down to the stunt coordinators for this sequence. The clip shortens it down (boo), but you can get the basics from it.

5. Sadly, I couldn't find a picture of Marta shooting at Aaron and her attackers once Aaron jumps in and stops them from killing her. I just love that as soon as she is released she runs for the gun and shoots at everyone. You go girl!

6. In the clip under #4 at 1.22, we have my absolute favorite of Aaron climbing up the side of the house.

7. And this talking scene between Aaron and Marta. I love the intensity between the actors as he's judging whether she's telling the truth.

8. This is one of my favorite sequences (and that's saying a lot) in the movie. The Number 5 scene. Aaron has just rescued Marta from being assassinated and in one quick scene we see how efficient Aaron is in clean up and planning while Marta is catching up mentally. Then we find out just how little Marta knows about her test subjects.

9. This sequence (which is shortened in the above clip) shows through an action sequence how much Marta and Aaron have grown to care about each other. Aaron has already told Marta to go out on her own, as he is sick, and she will be safe using the techniques he's taught her. At this point, he has woken from his fever (though she doesn't know that) and sees that the cops are about to storm the place they were hiding out in. Marta could turn around and go, disappear, and be safe, but she chooses to warn him even though it puts her right into the sights of the cops. After he escapes, he could choose to run to safety, but instead he follows the sounds of the police pursuing her and rescues her. Big kudos for Jeremy and Rachel in those last few seconds of dialogue in showing their relationship. Something I really enjoyed was how they were able to make that connection and show it with just looks and a few words while running for their lives.

10. This is probably one of my favorite things from the movie. Who takes out the big bad? Marta. Marta is the one who saves the day at the end. Aaron has been shot twice and is loosing consciousness from blood loss while driving the motorcycle to escape. So, it's up to her when the bad guy gets within touching distance. Her first attempt fails, but her second attempt works and she takes him out. Can we say girl power! I know some people didn't like this; they felt this made Cross not as strong as Bourne. I didn't see it that way at all. He saved her butt on multiple occasions and was still saving her while loosing consciousness. And then it is her who gets the ride out of the city since he is still basically unconscious. But he rebounds quick as we see in the final end scene between Marta and Aaron. This is the scene from the #4 video above at 2.37.


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