Finding Inspiration in Other Writers

I touched briefly on this in my last post.

You can find a lot of inspiration from studying other writers. Kristine Kathryne Rusch has a great post on Role Models. You can have different types of role models. It can be someone who has mapped a career you admire, someone with a writing style you aspire to, a professional who behaves in a certain way, etc. I mentioned Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, and Jayne Ann Krentz as a couple of writers whom I admire. I actually met Jayne, in an elevator, and saw both her and Nora in seminars that they conducted at a writer's conference. I also met many other writers that I admire or enjoy reading at said writer's conference. If you're interested in meeting one of your role models - conferences can be a place to listen to them speak and perhaps have some one on one time. Though note Kristine's Role Models post on being disappointed by a role model and whether you are willing to risk your illusions about this person being dashed. We are actually very lucky to be writing right now as it is fairly easy to find articles, blogs, and interviews with our favorite authors.

You can also find inspiration with your peer writers. Kristine also wrote about Professional Jealousy which you should go and read to help you recognize it in yourself and recognize it in others when it is directed at you. Peers are wonderful in that they share our triumphs and disasters with us. They understand as many of our loved ones don't the highs and lows that our creations give us. They can help inspire you through the rough times and you in turn can help them through their lows.


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