Redefining Goals

How are your goals going? Are you staying on target? Given up on all your goals? Or are you redefining them?

This is the perfect time to reassess your goals if you started working on them at the beginning of January. You've had well over a month to see how your goals fit into the daily stream of your life and how your creativity flows. Check out this blog post on Goals and Dreams by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

So, onto my own goal setting. At the beginning of the year I printed up a calendar and wrote deadlines on the days and my goals for that month. I did not reach all of them, but enough to feel good about the progress I made. I also realized more about my working style that will help me reassess my goals to ones that I can reach more of them.

In January, my goals were to edit eight pages of my ya fantasy a day, write 1,000 words of my paranormal novella, write 1,000 words of space opera, and work on my online nonfiction book project.

What I actually did: 2,000 words a day on paranormal novella (followed by 2 weeks of editing, revising, and critiques), about two chapters edited total on ya fantasy, and work on online nonfiction book project.

What I learned: I do better if I am only actively editing/writing one project. I like having a backup one sitting in the wings to switch too if I hit a wall, but I need to focus on editing/writing that world alone so I am not distracted.

What I'm doing now: Instead of having multiple projects going at once. I am focusing on one at a time with a backup in the wings should I need it. I've rewritten my goals to reflect that. I plan to meet my two goals by the end of this month. Online nonfiction book going live to the public and ya fantasy edited to send out to publishers. March will bring new goals to work on.


  1. It sounds like you accomplished a lot in January (much more than I did). It sounds like you have a good strategy for February. Let us know how you do with it. :-)

  2. So far, I'm on track. :0) I've had to re-look at the goals and remind myself not to cry and whine. :0) But, it's helped a lot having Beth as my accountability partner.


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