Finishing a Book

You know there is just something about finishing a book. You actually get to do it twice. There's the first draft The End and then there's the The End when you are ready to send it out on submission. I know for some writers the second The End can be months after the first one while others it might only be a couple of days depending on if you're a re-writer or a clean up typo-er.

The book I just finished has been a long time coming. It took me a lot longer to finish than I had planned as I allowed myself to be derailed from my original intention. Once I was able to get back to the original vision I was able to get it done.

And today I did get it done. I've spent the last four days doing typo edits and filling in little tiny plot typos and holes. I had one particular scene which was really kicking my butt because it was such an important scene and I was just not happy with it. But I conquered it today and I was so happy when I scanned it and realized I had fixed it. The scene does exactly what I wanted it to do.

So, are you a re-writer or a clean up typo-er?


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