Publishers Overpricing Middle Grade and YA Books

Okay, here is a rant which probably won't make me very popular, but I am extremely frustrated with the practice of publishers putting middle grade and young adult fiction in hardcover. My pre-teen daughter gets $20 a month of allowance which will allow her to purchase one book a month. Yep, only one book a month. What happened to the five dollar paperback (well they were $2.99 and $3.99 when I was a pre-teen and teen)?

I personally believe these publishers are ripping off our youth. I am sorry, but those books are not worth $17.99. My daughter should not have to pay $17.99 plus tax to get the next in a series she seriously enjoys.

Shame on you publishers for taking advantage of children on the premise that adults will spend money on their kids which they wouldn't spend on themselves. What you might not be considering is I won't allow her to buy a lot of these books. I can't count the number of times we go to book stores and walk out with nothing because every book she wants to buy is above $15 and is not available in paperback. Guess where my daughter gets her books. The library. Yep, she borrows every book she can, she would and I would happily buy these books if there were priced below $10, but if she can find them in a library we won't be buying them. We occasionally have to bite the bullet when it's a book or series not carried by our library exchange program, but this rarely occurs.

I would love to see more publishers going back to releasing youth books in paperback and stop selling hardcovers to children.


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