Social Media

Social media is an interesting creature or should I say creatures. Writers are flocking to the various social media outlets; some on their own and some at the requests of their publishers. You've got Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Blogs, Google+, Goodreads, and a heck of a lot more which I don't know a lot about.

It can become very overwhelming. I joined MySpace first which is now no longer the popular hot spot it used to be. In fact, I keep meaning to shut down my account so I guess I am still on there even though I rarely visit. Facebook followed after. Then blogging. Then twitter. Goodreads was joined somewhere in there, but I quickly forgot about it until my publisher asked me to create an account. Thankfully I already had one and got it upgraded to an author account.

Facebook is fairly easy to me, but they have that little policy about "no promotions" on your regular facebook page so if your an author and plan on using it for any marketing, promo, keeping your fans updated on what you're doing and what is coming, you are going to need to start a Business or Fan Page. I started out with one, but broke it into two under each pen name. But it can be fun. Easy way to have instant contact with your readers, family, and friends, and to see what your own fave authors are doing.

The blogging is something I try to keep up on, but am not always successful. That pesky trying to give your blog an identity thing.

Twitter. Oh how I love thee in learning stuff instantly, but how I loathe thee when it actually comes time to post stuff. I'm still working on my twitter identity.

I just got onto Google+ and honestly have no idea what to do with it. 

I regularly check out the programs that promise to help you manage your social media sites all in one location. Any recommendations?

So, how do you use social media? Hook up with friends? Connect with like minded people? Follow your favorite celebrities, sports figures, authors, etc.?


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