To Pen Name Or Not to Pen Name

I currently write under two names. Angelia Almos for my young adult/middle grade fiction and nonfiction. Angie Derek for my steamier paranormal romances and romantic suspense. I decided to write under the pen name for branding purposes, but now I have a conundrum.

I have some adult novels/novellas which are almost done and in progress which are not steamy (no graphic sex) though they may be romances or contain romantic elements. So, which name do I release them under? Or do I come up with an all new pen name since they are futuristics and space operas (so far)?

My inclination is to release them under a new pen name, but that ups the anty with how much I need to produce each year with having three pen names. You want to have new releases coming out at a fairly regular basis to increase your readership.


  1. Great question! I think you should use one of your current pen names if you think there is a potential overlap of audiences (i.e. your romance followers might really like these new books).

    If you find that highly unlikely, than a third pen name is probably best. I've heard of some writers who've had four or more names–because of the amount of content they output!

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Miranda. That has been my thoughts as well. I'm not totally sure if the audiences would overlap though it is possible.


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