Looking Back Over 2011

Jumping Thoughts was released a few days earlier. This was my first exploration and test case into e-publishing.

Worked on a new paranormal novella.

March - April

Editing titles and learning more about e-formatting and publishing.


Horse Charmer is published as an ebook.

Worked on an untitled cyberpunk novella project.

Completed my first successful Fast Draft in 14 Days and wrote Unicorn Keep.
Worked on an untitled paranormal novella.

Editing and figuring out how to release a print book.


 Horse Charmer is released as a print book.

 The Beast's Redemption my first Angie Derek title is released.

October - November
Lots of editing and preparation for December releases and submissions.

Spectors is released as an ebook.

Whitelighter is released as an ebook.


  1. Wow Angelia, these are great accomplishments within a year! You are a very productive writer. Congrats on your success, and have a wonderful 2012, too. :)

  2. I love the recap. Doesn't it feel good to see everything on a timeline like that? You have accomplished so much. It's so inspiring. :) Here's to even more in 2012!

  3. Thanks, Kristen. It was good to put together the timeline. I realized I'd done a lot more than I had thought I had done.


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