Horse Schools 4th Edition Update

I'm currently working on updating Horse Schools for the 4th print edition. Busy sending out update notices to any and all schools which were listed in the 3rd edition or on Will hopefully be done with the first round of update notices in the next two weeks. Then I get to go back and go over all the bounce backs. I always have a huge number of emails which no longer work from the previous edition. An irritation I've come to realize is a part of the process. Then once those are out, I'll then go through and see who I contacted but never got back to me. Send a second reminder to all of those folks. Then I go to various sources to see if there are new schools which weren't in previous editions.

This is where you can help. If you know of a specialty school or college which you think should be included in the book, please have them drop me a line. I've also decided that any college which has a strong riding program can ask to be included in the guide. Previous policy was only colleges with equine academic programs could be included.


  1. Sounds like a good plan, Angelia! Good luck with it.


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