Movie Monday Recap

Had to watch since it had Jeremy Renner in it. Spoiler: Though I lost interest once he died. And I found her annoying through most of the movie.
Very good. Daughter read the book for school and we watched the movie. She said it was pretty faithful to the book.
Elijah Wood and John Cusack. Can't go wrong with that. And I really enjoyed the story and Elijah's performance. He does a lot with no dialogue.
Can't decide if I like this one. I liked the performances, but well when you have zombies in a Sleeping Beauty story you can't really expect a lot. Effects and costumes were laughable. But again the actors did a lot with what they had and I couldn't turn it off.
You have to watch just for the boombox scene. Plus, John Cusack is incredible as the slacker who falls in love with the smartest girl in town.
Loved this as a teenager. It is a bizarre movie. But what Johnny Depp movie isn't bizarre. Please Mr. Jailor is my favorite scene and always will be. Can't get the song out of my head.

I actually started a lot of movies this week, but didn't finish them. Some drama and some thriller. What movies did you watch this week?


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