Keeping All the Balls in the Air

When I have a day like today I'm reminded of how many balls I have in the air and the amount of juggling I have to do to keep any of them from falling, and today actually wasn't that busy of a day in the scheme of things. We headed down to take care of the horse (who lives almost 45 minutes away, one way, during the winter) and headed to another town to swing by the cheap grocery store and cheap gas (living in a tourist destination has its drawbacks, namely price gouging for all the necessities). Then gotta drive back up the mountain and head home. Big daughter had a friend over while little daughter tagged along. Thankfully, they actually all played really well together which meant a minimum of interaction required from me. Yeah! And big daughter actually talked me into letting her have a sleep over party on New Years night. Hmm, I must be softening, note to self, I must remain focused if I'm going to maintain the title of Meanest Mom in the World. No waffling aloud. Add in the housework, helping a friend proof a research paper, doing and sending my critique to my partner, and other odds and ends it felt like a lot of balls to keep in the air today. But it's all good, as I mentioned, when I really think about it, my day could have been a LOT busier. LOL.

I was home all afternoon and you'd think I would have gotten a lot of writing done today, but I found myself very unfocused, and I dabbled a little here and there on different things, but nothing got really done (at least to my satisfaction). I did more of the business side of writing than the writing today. Which that is all necessary, but I found today that I was oddly dissatisfied with just doing that. I guess that's good right, that I miss making my 1,000 word count goal for the day.I know there was a time that as long as I worked on something (not necessarily writing) that I'd be happy with my progress, but it ain't doing it for me today. And though it is late I plan on popping Word up as soon as I sign off here.


  1. When I'm dissatified, and remember to do it, I can change the energy in myself by doing stretching exercises....or aerobic exercise. Emotional states can be altered by body movement...the muscles hold emotions and getting them moving releases stuff.....

    We've been going through lot's of stuff, things breaking, things not working, the physical world throwing all kinds of curve balls at us...but, prayer and taking each task one at a time is getting us through all of this. This mornings challenge was taking scott to the airport where he is rebuilding the transmission in the little car, and having a little less than a quarter of a tank of gas, then stopping at the gas station only to find the lock on the gas tank door stuck. So, I had enough to take the medium sized truck back to the ranch only to skillfully blast it up the icy dirt road.


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