Addicted to Classes

I'm the first person to admit that I am a total class junkie. I love the deadlines and the feedback. We won't even go into the learning part when you have a good teacher and classmates. Most of my courses are online. I have done the writing classes in person at community college and university and really didn't get much from either of them except how to pretend like you aren't going to throw up any moment.

But the online ones from the schools that focus on teaching you the craft of writing so you can sell. Those are the best. I was going strong on getting a certificate in Feature Film Writing from UCLA until 2009 rolled around. Like many others we had to cut our expenses and classes were one of the first things to go for me. It also seemed to correspond with when I decided to put Horse Schools online and had decided that I needed to focus on my first draft novels. Horse Schools is now and I am well on track on my 2010 goals for my novels. I've been putting money aside for my writing each month and actually not spending it. LOL

I'm thinking I just might be putting that money toward finishing up that certificate. My fave UCLA teacher is going to be teaching a class this summer (though not in the spring, boo hoo). I only have three classes to do to complete my certificate and if I take one in the spring, summer and fall. I will be all done in time for 2011. Another possible goal to add and check off for my 2010 writing goals?

So, my readers, what do you think of writing classes/courses/workshops? Do you pick them up here or there? Are you not taking any or plan to take any? Are you currently in one that you are enjoying?

In answer to my last question, I am in a Synopsis class through RWA Online Chapter right now and I just got feedback on my query that I think is going to make it really stand out now. So, I'm excited about that.


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