Adventure into E-Publishing

I mentioned before I was putting a short-short story I wrote up on Kindle to experiment with the process as I am looking at some novels which I might put up as well. So far so good. I figured out how to get it formatted for Kindle,, and Smashwords. I designed three different covers, settling on the one to the left for now. Jumping Thoughts is now up on all platforms and it's selling. This was a pleasant surprise.

Only thing I wasn't happy with was the pricing structure. Since it is a short-short story I would have prefered to sell it for less than .99 cents, but that is the minimum price for all of the sites. There is a free option on Smashwords, but I haven't figured that out yet and how it would work with Amazon and BN price match program. I'd hate to have it free at Smashwords, but then charge on Amazon and BN. I also am not sure if Smashwords will send it off to other markets if it is free. I'm currently in the pipeline to be approved for the iBookstore and a few other retail markets Smashwords distributes for.

As with anything new, it's a fun and interesting learning process into the world of ebook publishing. Curious to hear from anyone else who is currently doing it or looking into it. I self-published the first edition of my guide book Horse Schools back in 2002 and it's amazing how much has changed since then.


  1. We're doing the same thing with some of my husband's psychiatry writing. Right now we're just working with the Kindle, but when we're done we'll move on to the others. The digital world is wonderful!!

  2. It's a lot of fun. Doing it on and Smashwords is actually really easy. You can basically use the same file for BN. Smashwords requires a little more formatting, but their style guide explains it all very well. Just a small learning curve.


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