Lessons from Race to Witch Mountain

I loved Race to Witch Mountain. I know, I know, total kid movie, but kid movies can be a lot of fun. This is a remake of the classic Escape to Witch Mountain which I watched and loved when I was a kid. So, I really wasn't certain if I would like it. Saw it in the theater and the above picture features one of my all-time favorite FX-action scene ever shot. On to the Lesson and Spoiler.

Lesson: If you are writing paranormal, fantasy, or any type of book where your characters have unusual powers, I highly suggest you watch this movie and consider Seth's powers. Ahem, picture above. He can vary his molecular density. This allows him to put parts of his body or his entire self through other objects - think walk through walls. This isn't something which is that unusual in fiction, but what I love is the flip side where he can make himself almost invincible by "hardening" his density. This allows him to stand in front of a speeding SUV and basically total the car like it had hit a brick wall without getting a single scratch or bruise.

Consider your own fictional characters with special abilities. Do their abilities have a flip side?


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