Lessons from Raising Hope

If you haven't caught Raising Hope on Tuesdays yet you are seriously missing out. Probably the funniest show on television today. I wasn't too sure about it when I first heard the premise, but I caught an episode purely by chance and laughed the entire time.

Onto the lesson from Raising Hope.

Finding humor in everyday occurrences and challenges. The charm of this show is Jimmy (the dad) and his determination to give his daughter, Hope, a better upbringing and life than he had. Jimmy makes mistakes, often helped into those mistakes by his family, but he learns from them and his faith and devotion to Hope never wavers.

Jimmy is another "normal" person (like the Secret of NIMH's Mrs. Frisby) who is pushed past his comfort zone for the love of a child.

Have your characters make mistakes. They can be humorous (Riasing Hope) or tragic (NIMH), but making those mistakes and soldiering on is what makes your readers(viewers) connect to your characters.


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