Horse Charmer One Year Anniversary

Horse Charmer has been available now for one year as an ebook. As with Jumping Thoughts, I wanted to do a blog post going over how things went for the year and see if I could make any conclusions by looking back at sales and other information.

Horse Charmer was released on May 16, 2011 through Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. It was also distributed to other e-retailers, but didn't appear in those stores until June.

So I went back and look at my sales. Over one year, I sold 99 copies of the e-version (the print version came out in September, but I'm not counting those sales toward this post). My highest selling month was January with 15 e-copies. My second highest selling month was December with 11 e-copies. I attribute these sales to Christmas e-reader gifts and gift cards.

I didn't do any release promo beyond Facebook, Twitter, and a few writer BB announcements when it first released. I never got any pro reviews for it.

I have recently been using it as a giveaway book in some blog hops I've been participating in and I have seen an increase of it being added to Goodreads lists since then.

I did one 3-day banner promo on a book review blog and saw three sales during that period of time.

As you can't track sample downloads at any of the retailers (except for Smashwords), it can be difficult to see if any promo is working and bringing people to check out a book.

I can't really draw any conclusions from looking at past sales data except that Christmas is indeed the best sales season.

Horse Charmer  is available as an ebook from Sony, iBooks, Diesel eBook Store, Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Available in print from Create Space, Amazon, Barnes and Noble


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