Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday - Unicorn Keep

Welcome to my Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday snippet. You can read other #sffsat snippts here.

Unicorn Keep is a young adult fantasy romance about a girl who swaps places with her best friend to become a unicorn keeper. This scene is shortly after last week, back in Jiline's POV, and after she gets back from the unicorn valley.

The spots stopped dancing in front of her eyelids and she slowly opened them to see two pairs of shoes standing in front of her. Carefully raising her head, her brain was foggy and didn’t quite register that Herrick was Mage Herrick despite his robes. Then it hit her - Mage Herrick. She jumped up and swayed, trying to remember exactly how she was supposed to greet a mage who addressed her.

“Sit,” he commanded and stepped forward to nudge her down into the chair. “Get her some water.”

Jiline closed her eyes and decided not to worry about what she was supposed to do. She had a right to be completely and utterly confused not to mention overwhelmed.
His voice was a whisper this time. “The unicorns converged on you.”


Available as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. Available in print from Create Space, Amazon,and Barnes and Noble.


  1. And here, I was thinking that she had gotten herself into trouble. Just goes to show you what I know!

  2. They converged? Makes it sound like they're part of a unicorn we know what happens when unicorns go bad.

    Good snippet!

  3. That happens to me all the to address a mage the proper way. Nice snippet!! Those unicorns sound like thugs!

  4. A convergence! See, that's why unicorns are extinct on our world. They just gang up on people for no apparent reason.

  5. Dratted unicorns. Even bloody centaurs give you a bit of dialogue before converging.

  6. Being converged on by unicorns sounds scary.

  7. I never know how to greet those mages - and they're so persnickety about proper etiquette, too.

    Awesome, as always.

  8. I like the glance into this world and scene this snippet provided. It's a well-chosen set of sentences that really gives a good sense of this universe. And how you manage to maintain the seriousness of a scene involving a mass unicorn attack, I don't know. But you do.


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