Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday - Horse Charmer 2

Welcome to my Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday snippet. You can read other #sffsat snippts here. And we continue on with my current WIP; the sequel to Horse Charmer. Title hasn't been decided yet for Horse Charmer 2. For those of you who read Horse Charmer, Cassia is now the official queen of Karah and is stuck with all the duties and problems that come with the job. Including, the continued threat of Vespera and lots of people telling her what to do.

Maconahay, her personal guard, and Cassia are discussing the need for more bodyguards besides him.

“Too many and not enough.”

“You’ll need to pick one eventually, guarding me seven days a week during all waking hours is going to burn you out.” She turned and walked toward the family quarters up several more flights of stairs.
“The decision can’t be rushed,” Maconahay said quietly.
She bit back a smile before looking over her shoulder. “I trust you, Captain, I know you’ll pick the correct people.”
Her words didn’t reassure him judging by his deepening frown. “A personal guard is the perfect person to take out a royal.”
“Do you really think any of your candidates are assassins?” 


  1. Sounds like Maconahay isn't happy with the responsibility.

  2. Well, now one of them HAS to be an assassin... :-)

  3. Damn. I can see his point. It's probably not a good situation if he needs to be guarding the guards. I think she should heed his advice.

    Great dialogue. I can always picture your scenes perfectly.

  4. I always love political intrigue and all the workings behind it. This interaction between the queen and her bodyguard fits right into that. It's great dialogue, like Cary said and places the reader right there.

  5. Oh, nice. Of course one of the candidates is an assassin! Love your dialogue!!

  6. He's really in a precarious position now, isn't he? The dialogue in this snippet is great!

  7. He doesn't sound very confident of his own men. SOunds like trouble ahead.

  8. Oh, he definitely is very protective of her! Nice dialogue.

  9. Oh, don't ask questions like that! It's tantamount to "what can possibly go wrong?"!

    1. I don't think Cassia has lived long enough to know that. :-) But she certainly seems to say those types of questions a lot.


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