Sorry, I've been gone for so long. Headed out on a road trip with the family. Read some good books and wrote down some good scenes for various projects as the ideas came to me.

I went to enter a scene idea in a script I haven't worked on in a while. I'm paging through and I get to a 30 page section that I don't recall at ALL! Have I really reached that point where I don't remember writing that big of a chunk. It's not unusual for me to forget something here or there - something small. But to have no recollection of those 30 pages is kinda freaking me out.

I've heard other writers talk about having to go back and reread a past book before writing a sequel because they forget and now I'm wondering if they are really talking about forgetting the big stuff not the little stuff like eye color, dates, etc.

Have you had this happen to you? And of course a side affect of forgetting this entire giant section is I don't think my new idea will fit in with the plot now. LOL


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