Sometimes I Just Don't Get It

So, while packing for our trip a couple of weeks ago I stumble on to this show Jersey Shore on MTV. As I'm packing, the only thought in my head is "do people really act that way?" Then I start to wonder - is this one of those fake reality shows. Completely scripted, but filmed to look like a reality show. Nope, it's a real one.

So, on to my not getting it. Do people really act that way? Seriously. I know these shows cast for the highest possibility of conflict, but still these people come from somewhere - they don't hatch out of a TV camera. They have families, friends, etc. and they act in a way that totally boggles my mind. And then I begin to think - am I so out of touch that to me a "reality" show - as set up as they are - feels to me like a really bad and overacted movie.

Then I begin to think that it wasn't that long ago these "adults" were teenagers and would be the age of my readers for my ya novels. But my characters don't act anything like the cast of Jersey Shore (or a couple other TV shows that came on while packing). I don't remember any of my friends behaving remotely like the cast. I do recall a few individuals that seemed to always be in the heart of some sort of drama. The teens I know now don't act like that - at least not in front of me.

I don't understand the desire to act as is portrayed on these shows. So, am I completely out of touch with reality?


  1. Heck, I don't know. But I think lot's of people behave in lot's of ways... I like being selective.
    I just can't take in everyone's version of the world. It's too I go towards what warms me, humors me, nourishes me, and discard the rest. There is too much negativity and I don't care to put any of my life force near it unless of course, I'm at the airport and some tattoo challenged person has the next number in line.


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