Goals Check In

We're halfway through 2010. I went back to my original goals that I posted on January 1st to take stock of  what I accomplished.
  1. Wrote and submitted Red Hot Fairy Tale by Feb. 1st.
  2. Did not finish space opera by March 1st. Don't even have a finished rough draft. Boo on me.
  3. Finish up edits on mafia romantic suspense by March 1st. A resounding NO. Though I did do a little bit of work on this, I shelved it to work on other stuff. 
  4. Submit ya fantasy to publishers by mid-Feb. I have submitted ya fantasy, but in May not mid-Feb. :-) 
  5. Launch HorseSchoolsOnline.com by March. Site was successfully launched and all information from 3rd edition of book has been entered. 
So, 3 out of 5 isn't bad. Though the timing was way off on number 4. Now onto evaluating my long term goals for 2010. I had decided that my goal for 2010 was to have four manuscripts out on submission to publishers. I currently have two out on submission so I figure I am on track with my long term goals.

Short term goals was to write 1,000 words a day (five days a week). Not doing as well with this. Still following my usual schedule of cramming in a lot of work in a short period of time and then doing hardly any writing for a stretch of time. I would really like to get into a more consistent schedule on this and have no one to blame but myself. I know I'm capable of doing the 1,000 words a day because I can be a pretty fast writer, but I don't sit down and do it. That's where I need to become more disciplined.

How are you on your writing/creating goals? Are you still working toward them or have you given up?


  1. aargh, I am working on lots of my goals still too. Discipline, that is my biggest enemy!

  2. I hear ya, Kristi. I think it comes down to discipline for me getting my daily goals done or not.

  3. Goals???Do I have any?? Not sure if I do...when it feels unclear, I consider one day at a time. That's the AA Philosophy. I like routine more than goals. If I stay on the right spiritual path then I know I will be guided. But as C. Myss says, "If you want to hear the universe laugh, tell God your plans." I suppose all these thoughts can be taken with a grain of salt. GMJ

  4. Discipline...self control, orderliness, efficiency and character development. That's what my dictionary said. I think it also means getting into the flow of what needs to be done and doing it in an uplifting manner.
    As moderns would say, putting it in a positive light and really liking what your doing. If you bring drudgery to what you do ( in the name of discipline) and call it
    "because I have to", now it's joyless. Why do it? If you do things for prestige, others approval, money or power, now you are
    directing yourself to the lowest common denominator. And if you are reading this and thinking about it, then you are much higher on the latter of consciouness than the lowest common denominator. Consider that. GMJ

  5. Yes "because I have to" can take the joy out of the activity if you allow it. One writer I know changes that to "because I get to". Changing how you think about it can help you become more disciplined.


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