Writing and Learning

My ya fantasy is currently out on submission after several months of rewriting, critiquing, and more editing. It was a long task, but I'm happy with the results. So, as they say, onto the next one.

I pulled out a romantic suspense that I had actually written around the same time as my ya fantasy. I'd done full paper edits, but had only gotten about half way through entering them back into the computer before deciding my attention was too splintered and I needed to focus all my energy on my ya fantasy. Back to the romantic suspense. Imagine my surprise in reading it and my edits that, it needs so much WORK. Argh. In the process of critiquing and editing my ya fantasy I actually learned and have become a better writer.

I suppose I should be happy my skills have improved (though I know I still have a lot to learn), but instead I feel like wailing. It's gonna take a lot more work to get this romantic suspense up to where I'm comfortable having someone else read it than I had thought it would.

I am happy my skills are improving. I am happy my skills are improving. I am happy my skills are improving.

Do you think if I tell myself that enough times I'll start believing it?

P.S. Big thanks to my critique partners for helping me get better. :-)


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