Looking Into 2012

This post has been a hard one for me. I wrote my goals post. Then came back and completely redid it. Then came back and deleted it. It started out as a general goals post then went to a I don't want to make any resolutions post. But then I reminded myself I need to have a writing plan. My ultimate goal is to make a steady income off my writing (the sooner the better). To accomplish this goal I need to be releasing so many titles each year. I don't have a magic number of titles to release, but I know the more the better. Yet, I am also planning on submitting a few titles to NY for consideration.

I began to make a list of possible titles to write. A few sequel books to titles already released as well as some which factor into the different genres of my pen names. I'm not going to write down exactly what I did in my notes as I already know the titles are subject to change based on sales, contractual obligations, and any shiny new ideas I might get.

But as I was staring at my list I began to get very intimidated. I had made the list based on word count. How many new words should I be able to produce writing full time with breaks for editing and publishing? The number of books surprised me, but when I did the math it is something totally doable.

I should be able to write five novels and three novellas. This number came from dividing between my two pen names and the genres within the pen names. Now I could change it around to more novellas and less novels if I feel that is what is needed, but the 5 novels/3 novellas is my initial list for my business plan to steadily bump up my monthly royalties as well as having a book or two to submit to NY this year.

How do you calculate your goals for the year? If you're a writer, do you use math to figure out how much you should be able to produce in the year?


  1. You can do it! I'm in the middle of this process myself - only with illustrations for my portfolio. I look at what my portfolio needs, the average time each illustration takes, divide it up into deadlines, get to work and hope for the best. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kristen. Sounds like we are using the same method to figure it out even with the different mediums.


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