Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday - Spectors by Angelia Almos

Spectors by Angelia Almos. 

A space pirate almost loses everything she cares about when she’s blackmailed by the military into running a dangerous mission.

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet:

Death shadowed him. He wouldn’t get off this planet alive. Luke Ryan knew the truth with every instinct he possessed. Mentally ticking off everything he would have to do, he walked as swiftly as he dared. They were behind and possibly around him, the one reason he didn’t allow himself to run and reveal he knew they were coming to take him. What they didn’t know was what he held in his possession. The one item that would allow his people a chance at taking the aliens down. If they knew he had it, he wouldn’t have made it to the docking yard.

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  1. Well, at least he's got a hope of getting off alive, right?

  2. Welcome to SFFSat! Great snippet - a very interesting situation that pulls you right in. I'm looking forward to getting more of this.

  3. I love great lines like that: He wouldn’t get off this planet alive.

    Gives us hope that the device he has is going to change all that...

  4. What does he have? Aw, come on! Show me!

    I am definitely intrigued by this story already. Nice snippet!

  5. And then what happens? Oh, the excitement! Great post, and welcome to SFFSat!

  6. Thanks for the positive comments everyone. I'm glad the opening paragraph grabbed you.

    1. I hope he gets to use the device! Great snippet, pulled me right into the conflict.

  7. OMG, what a cliffhanger!!

    I like Luke already. And talk about tension and suspense--nice!!

  8. Quite a hook! What does he have? Will he make it?

  9. Sounds really interesting, Angelia!

  10. Sounds great. Definitely leaves me wanting more.


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