Power to the Fans - The Veronica Mars Movie Project

I was cruising Facebook yesterday evening and came across something very interesting. A post for FANS to help fund a Veronica Mars Movie. My first thought was scam and why would someone target the fans of VM? But then I looked around and found out this was actually Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell asking the fans to make a Veronica Mars movie happen. They had pitched the idea to Warner Bros. who had agreed to let them make a movie if they met a minimum donation amount - $2,000,000.

The Veronica Mars Movie Project at Kickstarter was born. As of this minute (9:55 AM PST, 3/14/2013) they have raised $2,695,311 from 44,523 backers (fans). They hit their goal of $2,000,000 in less than 11 hours after going live. Rob wasn't even sure they would hit the $2,000,000 within the 30 days of the drive.

If you're a Veronica Mars fan, be sure to watch the pitch video that many of the cast members and Rob made.

I find this entire thing fascinating. Imagine the possibilities of fans funding movies. What about other TV shows that were canceled too soon? What about movies that didn't make enough trillion dollars to warrant a studio sequel? What about those books which have a huge fan base, but the studios don't think it has a huge ENOUGH fan base? What if we the people can dictate the movies which are made?

This is all very exciting and I hope you can imagine the possibilities.


  1. Hmmmm... not sure how I feel about this one! As much as the actors make being in a movie, why can't they just fund themselves, that's my question!

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    2. Tried to edit my last comment and it wouldn't let me. 8-\ I was going to say I know the actors and Rob are taking pay cuts to do the movie (not demanding their normal salary) and keep the budget down. Not sure who and how much might also be giving money toward the movie (if they are, they'll probably be listed under the producer credits). But something to remember is none of these actors are HUGE stars. The don't command giant salaries like an A lister does. So don't have multi-million dollar bank accounts.

  2. This is kind of crazy because fans are funding the movie and paying to see it. So it's all profit for the studio and actors?

    1. The studio will be paying for distribution though they still haven't committed to whether it will be direct to DVD or have a theater release (it will for sure have limited release for all the premiere showings they are planning, but might not have national theater distribution). The actors are all taking a cut in pay to participate, but have no clue if it is a small cut or substantial cut, I'm guessing substantial based on the budget (all salaries, locations, sets, FX, craft services, costumes, everything, but distribution is coming out of the budget they raise from the fans).


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