Love What You Do

When I first start writing and learning, cough, craft. I hated writing. Seriously. I can remember hating the act of writing, but loving the stories. The characters lived in my head and wanted their stories told. I used to say I hated the act of writing, but loved having written.

I realized recently I hadn't thought or said that phrase in a very long time. Why I wondered? What had changed?

The change, I believe, is I became more comfortable with my skill level. Not that I'm not still learning. I fully realize I will never stop learning and improving. But I'm comfortable with my level of craft and know I can improve in particular areas when I set my mind to it.

Now the act of writing (or revising) is no longer torturous. I love writing. I love revising. Are there parts I don't like? Of course, but it's different with different books. Perhaps, a particular scene is just nagging at me and I can't seem to get it right. That's frustrating and doesn't make the process a lot of fun in that moment. But that scene will resolve itself one way or another. Then I get back to writing the good stuff. 

Because I love what I do.


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