Something I should have factored in, but completely failed to consider with my bubble experiment was withdrawal. I am going through social media withdrawal big time.

I go to my blogger feed - no new blogs. Go to Twitter - only five new tweets since the last time I checked. Facebook - I can actually find people in the feeds - wow.

What it amounts to is I now have way more time to work, but I don't want to (insert whine). How can I feel like I'm doing something when I'm procrastinating and no one is talking? LOL

I know this is what I wanted. Less noise. More time to focus on my own stuff. But, shoot, I should have factored in the withdrawal period. I'm being good, well mostly good, I did add back a few people to twitter, though promptly removed two when they filled up my tweet stream. But I have not reloaded my blog feed. It's not that I really read those blogs, but I spent time scrolling through the feed to find what I did want to read. Now it's right in front of me. No hunting and wasting time looking for the blog posts I actually read.

A class is being offered at one of my chapters which I will probably at least lurk in - going against the bubble again. But it's on the business side of writing and I would like to learn more about LLCs and whether it would be a good idea for me to form one.

How do you balance your social media?


  1. It's hard. Lately, I'm like you. Whenever I want to hang out on Facebook, there's nobody on. Lol.
    I can pretend I have a handle on my Facebook, Twitter, and blog usage, but I'd be lying. Some days are productive and others aren't but I just think of those days as research. You never know when you might want to do a story on cute Otters and their babies. ;)

  2. It does sometimes feel like everyone is in hiding on Facebook or rather being a heck of a lot more disciplined in checking in once a day than I have managed to do. :-)

    I figure it's one step at a time, Denise. Trim the lists down a bit. As with you - some days I am better at staying away than others.

  3. Hi Angelia, some days I overspend time on Twitter because there are so many links to articles I would have missed otherwise! I need more discipline here, apparently.

    As for Facebook, I used to 'grumble in the head' when nobody would interact on my fan page. But I know I just have to get over that. Some will like the posts. Some won't. But I'll still have fun and post whatever I think is intriguing or share-worthy. (For the personal account, I sometimes get friend requests from people I don't know - like my nephews' school teacher whom I've never met or spoken with. To accept or not? Arghhh ...)

    I think less noise is good. =)

  4. Thanks for stopping by Claudine. Yeah, I always wonder what was it about this Facebook status that got interaction, but this one didn't. I think it is even more wonky now that Facebook decides who and what you see if you haven't manually set up lists. I know for certain plenty of my "fans" aren't seeing my posts. I also get a lot of Friend requests that sit while I try to figure out where I know them from and if I know them.


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