What's In A Name

Southern Belle and Me.
A reader recently pointed out that I tend to include the names of my pets in my books. Obviously a reader who knows me personally to make the observation, but it made me think. Do I?

Horse Charmer - Kali isn't a name of a pet, but she was inspired by my horse Kristy. I also had a pony named Cassie as a kid which is pretty close to Cassia. There also was in a previous draft long ago a character named Bear - we had a horse named Bear when I was a kid. Bear might reappear in a sequel.
The Beast's Redemption - Belle is actually the original name of Beauty in Beauty and the Beast so I didn't consciously choose to name her after a pet, but I can't deny that I did have a horse named Southern Belle (picture on the left). 
Spectors (upcoming space opera) - Yeah, my heroine is named after my horse Kristy and it was on purpose. :-)
Whitelighter (upcoming steamy paranormal) - Nope, not a single name, but it did original have a horse in it before I had to edit her out due to plausibility issues.
Unicorn Keep (upcoming young adult fantasy) - I did name her pony after one of my ponies, Ginger.

Sometimes names come to me and other times I do a lot of research and searching to find just the right name. What about you? Any recurring themes or names popping up in your manuscripts?


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