Too Little, Too Much, Just Enough - Adult Content Warning

Content Warning on the Post.

I wish there was a way to set an adult content warning on individual posts instead of the entire blog. Anyone know a way?

Back to the content warning. I'm going to discuss the steamy/sexy side of my Angie Derek pen name. So if you're under 18 please skip this post.
A steamy Angie Derek title.
Okay, on to the actual post. My first paranormal novella The Beast's Redemption came out in September. Since then I've gotten some excellent feedback - can we say how much a writer loves hearing a reader enjoyed their book. But I've also gotten feedback which was luke warm - writers don't love that quite as much.

But the luke warm feedback also makes me laugh because it had to do with the level of sex in the book. Some of you might already know I wrote The Beast's Redemption as a Beauty and the Beast adaption for a publisher's submission call. I loved writing the book and taking the challenge up - the challenge being to write very sexy, cough, translate to lots of sex in the book. This was a new one for me.

You might not know that the book was rejected by the publisher because it didn't have enough sex in it. I shook off the rejection and sent it to TWRP who loved it. Yay! It found a home within the paranormal Black Rose line though I later learned we had to change a few words to keep it in the paranormal line. If I had wanted those words to remain, it would have been published within their Scarlet Rose (erotic) line.

Now to what makes me laugh. The complaint was. The sex happened too soon and might have been too much of it. My first thought is, but it originally got rejected because the sex didn't happen soon enough and there wasn't enough.

I know not everyone is going to like my books or the style in which I'm writing for the Angie Derek name and that's okay. But it still makes me laugh when I consider The Beast's Redemption's road to publication.

My upcoming paranormal novella, Whitelighter, is just as steamy (meaning the sex happens early). I do take more time building the sexual tension in Mafia Secret, but it is also novel length which allows me more time to do that. Yet, I would rate Mafia Secret even steamier when it comes to the sex scenes due to the hero's fondness for bondage.


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