Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday - SPECTORS by Angelia Almos

Back to Spectors this week.

Spectors by Angelia Almos. 

A space pirate almost loses everything she cares about when she’s blackmailed by the military into running a dangerous mission.

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet: 

Kristy fumed. Her own father sold her out to the MSA. He’d made no secret of his anger over her leaving the nest and striking out on her own, but to turn evidence against her to the MSA. That was a low she would never have expected of him.

There was no way Captain O’Neal had stumbled across enough information to charge them with that many crimes. He’d had inside information supplied to him by someone who kept very close tabs on what the Unicorn was up to. Her father was the only person with any motive to be watching them that closely.

She carefully shoved the betrayal down so she could function enough to plan. She needed more information.

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  1. Wow, so failing to be able to send her to her room he's going to send her to prison instead? :-/

  2. Nothing like a loving father/daughter relationship.

  3. I've really been enjoying these snips. Finally picked up a copy - looking forward to the read!

  4. Betrayal never makes a good day, but it's great for plot development! Nice snippet!

  5. Oh, daddy's...gotta love 'em or hate 'em. Great little snip, and an interesting family dynamics.

  6. Great suspenseful snippet. I am really intrigued about how the character is going to maneuver around this problem. Family Relationships - why can't we all just get along? Because if we all got along that would result in boring writing. Conflict always spices things up. Thanks for sharing,

  7. Yikes! Betrayal is so much worse when it's someone from your own family!

  8. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you found the family dynamic interesting.

    1. What a crushing blow! her own father. I want to know more about how she'll handle this.

  9. Good little snippet...definitely get a sense of the family ties (or lack thereof)...

  10. Thanks T.M. and Kelly. Family trouble factors a lot throughout the story.


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