Six Sentence Sunday - Whitelighter by Angie Derek

Whitelighter by Angie Derek. A steamy paranormal romance novella.

A young witch's special powers make her a target to any vampire who catches sight of her.

Six Sentence Sunday Snippet: 

Lily walked down the quiet road toward the emergency lights flashing in the night. Sophie was almost asleep and a dead weight in her aching arms. If their lives didn’t depend on continuing to move and putting distance between them and the vampires, she would have dropped several blocks back. She worried over coming across a band of roving vamps. The darkness surrounding them wasn’t helping her nerves.

Revolving blue and red lights beckoned to her like a beacon. 

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  1. Hope the lights mean safety and not further danger.

  2. Ooo this sounds fun. Is this book out?


    1. Yep, it's released under my steamy romance name, Angie Derek, you can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iTunes, etc. Thanks for stopping by, Courtney


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