Six Sentence Sunday: Whitelighter by Angie Derek

Whitelighter by Angie Derek. A steamy paranormal romance novella.

A young witch's special powers make her a target to any vampire who catches sight of her.

Six Sentence Sunday Snippet: 

Stepping into the small living room, she hesitated at the sight of the man she barely knew standing in front of the single window, peering out into the darkness. She studied him in the dim light. He was at least half a foot taller than she, almost six feet, and lean with a hint of muscles outlined under his shirt. His gaze remained on the parking lot.

A dash of panic skittered up her spine at his intensity. “Is someone out there?”

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  1. Eeek! I second Ruth's reply. Creeeeeeeeeeepy!

  2. Lily lives in a constant state of fear. Not fun, but makes the book more exciting.

  3. Yikes, me four! I hope I never see that experience staring out my window!


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