I've Been Tagged

Been a while since someone has tagged me with a blog award or one of those other things. Not that I'm complaining. :-) Thanks, Taurean at Talking Animal Addicts and Kat at The World Crafter's Inkspot for the Tags.

The Tag rules:
1. You must post the rules!
2. Answer the questions and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

1. If you could live in a fictional world, where would that be? (Taurean)
I always wanted to go to the world of Star Wars and hang out with Luke and Leia. But then again everyone they know either dies or is tortured so probably not the safest place to go.
1. If you could be a book character, who would it be? (Kat)
I wanted to be Sheila in the Secret of the Unicorn Queen series when I was a kid or Nancy Drew.
2. Do you read in noisy or quiet places? (Taurean)
Both. I read when I can.
2. Superpower? (Kat)
When I was a kid I always wanted to be the firestarter., but in thinking about it, what a non-fun power that would have been. I think the some sort of telekinesis would be cool.
3. What was the first book you ever read? (Taurean)
How the heck would I know? :-) I honestly have no clue.
3. Do you prefer illustrated or non-illustrated novels? (Kat)
I'd have to say non-illustrated. I rarely read comics, graphic novels, or picture books (for myself). But I don't dislike illustrated. 
4. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Taurean)
Hmmm. I have no clue. How could I pick just one?
4. Fantasy or science fiction? (Kat)
Hard one. I would have to Science Fiction Romance is probably my favorite at the moment. 
5. Favorite author? (Taurean)
Linda Howard 
5. Can you write in a noisy environment, or does it have to be quiet? (Kat)
I can not write steamy romance scenes if there is anyone around me. LOL But I do generally like noise. Radio, TV, etc. 
6. Do reviews influence your choice of reads? (Taurean)
Depends on if I came across the book by chance. I am more likely to read reviews for nonfiction than fiction.
6. How many books can you read in a day? (Kat)
I just had this conversation with my daughter and talking about how much I used to be able to read in a day. I feel lucky if I have the time to read a single book in a day. But I generally read adult novels. I can read several picture books in a day for bedtime. :-) 
7. Fiction or Nonfiction? (Taurean)
Fiction 80% - Nonfiction 20% 
7. Favorite author? (Kat)
Okay, go with someone different, to tie into question 4. Linnea Sinclair is my favorite SFR writer.
8. Have you ever met your favorite author (Linda Howard)? (Taurean)
No, I missed her, boo hoo, but I did get to meet several other faves at a conference. Linnea Sinclair, Sharon Sala, Jayne Ann Krentz, Heather Graham, Christine Feehan, and Suzanne Brockman. 
8. Favorite illustrator? (Kat)
I really enjoy the Pinkalicous illustrations, but can't remember the author/illustrators name.

9. Audio books or Paperbacks? (Taurean)
I can do audio books, but tend to want to read either paper or e-ink. 
9. Middle-grade or young adult novels? (Kat)
I tend to resonate more with middle-grade voice it's closer to my own writing voice, but I love romances in my books and those are usually in YA novels.
10. Classic or Modern Novels? (Taurean)
10. One person in the world you wish you could meet? (Kat)
I've got a fear about meeting my heroes and have found ways not to meet them when the opportunities would come up. Would the person be how I imagine them? No, I don't believe they would, so I would rather not meet them. If I admire someone without the hero worship than I'm good with meeting them, but I wouldn't call any of them the "one person in the world I would wish to meet."

11. Book Groups or Solitary Reading? (Taurean)
11. One place in the world you wish you could go? (Kat)
Ireland, hands down.

The eleven bloggers I am tagging:
Kristen Schwartz - A Journey Illustrated 
Kristi - R.A.W.
Courtney Rene
KH LeMoyne - Fantasy Powered by Love
Lisa - A Tasty Read
Romance Mavens
Kaylie Newell 
Anne Johnson - Jester Harley's Manuscript Page
Claudine - CarryUsOff Books Blog
Ellen - Confessions of Character
inluvwithwords - Out on a Limb

Your 11 questions.
1. What is your favorite blog(s)?
2. What is your favorite past time besides writing or illustrating?
3. What is your favorite adaptation (movie or TV show made from a book)?
4. Dog or cat person?
5. What is your dream job (can't be author or illustrator)?
6. Do you own an ereader? What kind or why not?
7. What movie in 2012 can you not wait to see or if you already saw it what was it?
8. What is your favorite mythical creature?
9. What movie scared you more than anything?
10. Do you have any famous relatives? Who?
11. What genres do you read most often?


  1. Thanks, Angelia, for the tag. This is my second tag of the day! But I must apologize and humbly bow out of this game, since my blog is booked through the end of April. I appreciate being thought of, though!

    1. No prob. I almost didn't do it either as I have my normal blogging days all scheduled up, but I ended up deciding to go ahead and throw it up on one of my normal down days.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Misspelled some stuff before. Let's try again0

    Great answers to my questions and Cat's too.

    About "The first book you ever read?" question...

    I don't remember either in terms what I read all on my own either, but since it wasn't specific, I chose the closest thing for me, the first book I read for me as opposed to for school, and I've re-read parts of it on on occasion and not only does it hold up in how good it still reads, but I do see things in reading now that weren't there before I started writing.

    Glad this was fun for us both.

    1. I don't mind misspellings. :-) That's cool that you have a book like that. I don't have books like that. Though I do know that it was series' like Sweet Valley Twins, The Saddle Club, and Nancy Drew Files that got me hooked into reading. But I have no idea what came first.

  4. Angie, thanks for the tag! (I've just posted mine few days ago ...) Perhaps I could answer the questions here?

    1)Favourite blogs these days are March House Books Blog (a blog on vintage children's books) by Barbara Fisher; Passionate Pursuits (poetic posts on life as a writer/woman/mother/daughter ... flesh & soul) by Brenda Moguez; 2)Reading 3)The Lord of the Rings 4)Cat 5)A detective (in the Special Victims Unit, preferably) 6)No. It's not something I need or can afford right now. A budding writer has to be as frugal as she can be. 7)A Ghibli Studio animation, The Secret World of Arrietty. 8)Unicorn 9) A Korean thriller, The Chaser. 10)No ... don't think so. :) 11)Literary fiction (and sometimes historical, classics, and Supernatural from Ray Bradbury.)

    Thanks, this has been fun. :)

    1. We're heading out to see The Secret World of Arrietty today.

  5. Here are my answers, since I did Kelly's questions as a post over at my blog.
    1. What is your favorite blog(s)?
    Neil Gaiman always has things I love to read. (http://journal.neilgaiman.com/)
    2. What is your favorite past time besides writing or illustrating?
    Just one? I'll say photography.
    3. What is your favorite adaptation (movie or TV show made from a book)?
    Pride and Prejudice, I guess. I don't think I really have a favorite.
    4. Dog or cat person?
    I like both, though I lean more toward being a cat person.
    5. What is your dream job (can't be author or illustrator)?
    Is there anything else? Travel photographer, maybe.
    6. Do you own an ereader? What kind or why not?
    Kindle (but not the icky backlit one - just a Kindle)
    7. What movie in 2012 can you not wait to see or if you already saw it what was it?
    I'm looking forward to Hunger Games. I don't really know what else is coming out.
    8. What is your favorite mythical creature?
    If dragons weren't real I'd pick them.
    9. What movie scared you more than anything?
    I remember being scared of the witches and monkeys on The Wizard of Oz when I was really little.
    10. Do you have any famous relatives? Who?
    I'm told I am a descendant of Sir Christopher Wren. I didn't do the genealogy, so I am not sure how directly. Other than that, not that I know of.
    11. What genres do you read most often?
    SF, Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian - speculative fiction of all types.


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