Six Sentence Sunday Snippet - HORSE CHARMER by Angelia Almos

I could have sworn I scheduled a post for today, but it seems to have disappeared. Hmmm. So sorry this is a couple of hours late.

Horse Charmer by Angelia Almos. A young adult fantasy.

A sheltered princess discovers her remarkable gift with horses while on a dangerous quest to find her father's murderer.

Six Sentence Sunday Snippet: 

Steeling her nerves, she tiptoed across the room to the door, her eyes on the sleeping lump. It appeared she wasn't the only one to go to sleep early. At the door, she hesitated. What if there was a guard standing right outside? She huffed out a breath and pulled the handle as silently as she could. The door hinges creaked lightly and she flinched as the sleeper stirred.

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Available as an ebook from Sony, iBooks, Diesel eBook Store, Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Available in print from Create Space, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.


  1. Interesting. Sounds like she's about to get caught. I'll have to head over to amazon and check it out.

  2. Intriguing. I'm visiting from ICL.



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