Six Sentence Sunday - IMMORTAL by Angelia Almos

New Release: IMMORTAL by Angelia Almos. A fantasy short story.

Arianna seeks help from rogue adventurer, the Hawk, to save her criminal brother from the gallows. If her brother is hanged her entire family will be exposed as immortals when he doesn’t die. But is she willing to pay the price the Hawk asks in exchange for his assistance?

Six Sentence Sunday Snippet:

Before she saw him move, he had her wrist captured in his hand. Arianna pulled back, but abandoned the struggle, not wanting to call attention to herself. He drew her hand across the table and looked at it speculatively as he turned it over. She shivered. This was the first time in her short life a man had touched her without her permission.

The Hawk pressed his lips to her palm and met her eyes.

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