First Draft Done

Sorry, I haven't been here in a couple of days, I've been cramming on finishing up the first draft of my Red Hot Fairy Tale. When I get close to the end, I can't think of or really do anything else as it just takes control. I just wrote the final sentence, WOO HOO!!!, it always feels good to finish up that first draft. I'm already anxious to go back and implement some things that I noted while working (and didn't allow myself to go back and rewrite). But I'm gonna let it sit for at least today, LOL, I've got two weeks to polish it up to get it to Samhain by the deadline.

So, to pose a question, what do you do in preparation of polishing and fixing a first draft? My current plan is to read a couple of my fave books to study how the authors wrote certain types of descriptive passages before I go back in and fix those parts. Then I'll do a read through to look for the plot holes. I know they are there, but I'll need the overall picture to catch them and fill them in.

Also, names, man I gotta fix a lot of names. Usually, I know most of my characters names before I start to write or I take a break to research names while I write, but with this one I didn't want to take the time since I was working against a deadline, so after naming my MCs I just jumped right in and there are lots of DRIVER, LAWYER, DOORMAN, SISTER, etc. all of whom need to have a name. Some characters are more important than others and those are the ones I'll be spending time trying to figure out a name that suits them and the story.


  1. It is so satisfying to me to see you being a serious writer, and so consciously exploring your craft. I like how you detail the nuts and bolts of what you're doing.

  2. Thank you ladies. I read several scenes in preparation of tackling my edits. Still have a few more I want to read.


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