Letting Your Baby Go

Yep, it's that time, Red Hot Fairy Tale is off in cyber space on it's way to the editor of the anthology call I wrote it for. Letting your baby go can be the most difficult part. Truthfully, you could edit and edit and edit and edit and never let it go. Something could always be found to be "fixed" whether the fixes actually make it better is debatable. On the other side of the coin is when you send it off before it's really ready because you are anxious to be done and send it out into the word.

Striking that right balance can be difficult. For me, with this one, it was a date, I had to have it written, edited, and sent off by a certain date so that took some of the pressure of is it too edited or not edited enough out of the process. But I've been on the other side, sending something that I later discovered wasn't ready to have gone out and also editing something for so long that it lost that spark that it originally had.

How do you know when your baby is ready to brave the real world?


  1. prayer, divine inspiration, aerobics, vitamins, a sense of where the line is of completion, ??


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