Writing the Darn Love Scenes

So, I'm deep into my edits of my Red Hot Fairy Tale, and I have to say I'm really liking my characters. As I'm revisiting them they are just growing on me more and more. He's so flipping sexy and she's spunky and fun and doesn't take sh** from the hero. Ah, the torture I'm gonna have to put them through, I almost feel sorry for them, LOL. And I've discovered, I gotta write another sex scene, sigh, the work never ends. LOL

Sometimes they just come to me and other times I can't help but think, shoot I've already had them do it do I really need to describe it again. LOL. I think I need to go read some other sexy books and look for some inspiration cause I got to the next sex scene and went, yeah, I'll take care of that later. I'm having too much fun with their sniping at each other. Plus, I'm getting to the part where the heroine finally gets to be one step ahead of the hero. LOL

Yes, I'm amused tonight. Not sure why, but I am. 


  1. writing about sex, gee, poor you.

  2. I know, LOL, but sometimes it's such a drag. :-)


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