Revision Draft Done

I finished my revision of Red Hot Fairy Tale last night. I cut out 8,000 words and added in the three missing scenes. I still have another 510 words to cut as I read it in my paper draft. Making this story fit 25,000 words has been such an interesting and wonderful learning experience. I'm so glad I decided to write for this anthology call as I'm taking so much away just from the process. My paper draft is currently being spit out by the printer and I'll go over it today catching all those things that we don't catch on the computer screen as well as looking for spots I can loose another 500 words.

Why a paper draft? Well, for me, I have to do my final edit on paper as I will find mistakes. Mostly incorrect word choice that I just scan over in my most careful reading on the computer screen. Someone told me that every writer should do that, but I'm always wary of rules for "every writer". So, I'm curious do all of you do your final edit (or other edits) on paper? Or have you gotten to the point where you've trained your eyes to catch those mistakes on the screen?

Just watched pieces of a profile on Nancy Meyers (in between Little Daughter calling for me as she played in the backyard to show me various items). A woman screenwriter, producer and director who writes wonderful movies. Including one of my faves, Baby Boom. Someone who has faced a lot of rejection, including her first film, Private Benjamin, but she kept going and writing what she likes and what she thinks is funny.


  1. For me, a fresh look in a different environment makes all the difference. If I'm proofing an illustration done on paper, I have to look at it on the computer and also print it out. If I'm editing a piece of writing typed in the computer, I print it out. Paper will never fully go away for me!

  2. I just finished my paper edit and oh yeah I need that paper edit. Amazing the things that jumped out at me that were so obvious on paper that I missed on the screen. LOL

  3. Yah, the screen has a hypnotic quality and it looks so finished online. Yep, paper is in the hands and ready for the coffee stains and breakfast toast crumbs.

  4. I'm right there with you on editing on paper. It's how I do things. I never used to until one revision I had to shift a lot of things around and I just couldn't "see" it on the computer.

    Now I can't do anything without the paper in front of me.

  5. Yeah, I don't think I'll ever be able to get away from the paper. It would be nice to have one less step in the process. LOL. Thanks for stopping by Elana.


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